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Rachel Andres

© Barbara Grover

© Barbara Grover

© Barbara Grover

© Barbara Grover

Rachel Andres 2008 | Rachel Andres

Founder | Jewish World Watch Solar Cooker Project

Jewish Values

“I was encouraged by my parents and grandparents to “not stand idly by.” They taught me that it is the obligation, of each who can, to repair the world and that even small actions matter. Working with the Solar Cooker Project allows me to incorporate these values into my work and life every day.”

Global Impact

Keeping Darfur refugee women safe by creating the world's largest solar cooking project.

Jewish World Watch’s Solar Cooker Project is helping 128,000 Darfuri refugees by making and distributing over 50,000 cookers to 5 refugee camps in Chad. Plans are underway to implement the Solar Cooker Project in a 5th refugee camp in Chad. The project protects Darfuri refugee women and girls by reducing their need to leave the relative safety of refugee camps in search of the firewood needed to cook meals. This landmark project provides women with income opportunities to manufacture cookers, training that allows them to teach others to use the cookers and to make the hay baskets used to keep warm the evening meal. The goal is to serve all 285,000 refugees in 12 camps in Chad.



The Solar Cooker Project created a Best Practices Manual and 12-minute mini-documentary to help implement similar projects for those in need around the world (available at: