• ABC

    From War-Torn Sudan to the US, Lost Boys ‘Inspire Us’

    By Sasha Chanoff | September 19, 2014

  • PBS Newshour

    Meet ‘Claude,’ one of many displaced children seeking refuge in cities

    By Larisa Epatko | June 20, 2014

  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy


    Charity Helps Refugees in Dangerous Slums Become Self-Sufficient

    By Michelle Gienow | Jan 13, 2014


Sasha Chanoff

© N. Farese, C. Calais, and M. Edmundson

© N. Farese, C. Calais, and M. Edmundson

© Nancy Farese

© Nancy Farese

© Nancy Farese

© N. Farese, C. Calais, and M. Edmundson

© N. Farese, C. Calais, and M. Edmundson

Sasha Chanoff 2010 | Sasha Chanoff
Founder + Executive Director | RefugePoint
(formerly Mapendo International)

Jewish Values

“The Jewish narrative is marked by cycles of human despair and spiritual redemption. This narrative is part of my cultural DNA and has greatly influenced my work around refugee rescue, relief, and resettlement.”

Global Impact

Rescuing refugees who are fleeing genocide and violent persecution and have nowhere to turn for safety. RefugePoint permanently resettles the most at-risk refugees to countries where they can rebuild their lives in safety and with dignity.

The organization is a leader in protecting refugees in urban settings, one of the newest frontiers of refugee assistance, and is influencing the field globally by using the organization’s partnerships with the United Nations, NGOs and resettlement governments to change the way refugee resettlement is handled altogether. In its first eight years, RefugePoint has referred over 23,487 refugees for resettlement to the United States, Australia, Canada, and 12 other countries, and provided life-stabilizing services to another 8,000 refugees in Nairobi. RefugePoint was responsible for 12% of Africa's refugee resettlement numbers in 2013.