Jay Feinberg

Jay Feinberg 2004|Jay Feinberg

Founder + Executive Director | Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation


Jewish Values

 “I was raised to believe that all Jews are responsible for each other, and I embrace this philosophy each day. I have found great personal satisfaction in advocating for the rights of others, both individually — one patient at a time— and collectively, by helping to impact public policy.”

Global Impact

Facilitating life-saving bone marrow and stem cell transplants for more than 2,600 people around the world, including his own.

Gift of Life facilitates transplants for children and adults suffering from many life-threatening diseases, among them leukemia and lymphoma, and is the only donor registry in North America dedicated to recruitment within the Jewish community, adding much needed ethnic diversity to the overall donor pool. It was the first registry in the world with this goal, and is now focused on to doubling the size of its donor registry by 2013, increasing the match rate to over 80% for Jewish patients -- a critical step towards achieving their ultimate goal of facilitating donor matches for anyone in need. Gift of Life has registered 235,714 bone marrow donors and facilitated 2,701 transplants in 40 counties.